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KVM Extender


Product Description

The KVM Extender consists of a Computer Unit and a Station Unit that enables you to locate a keyboard/ monitor/ mouse setup up to 150 meters away from a computer or KVM switch using an inexpensive Category 5 UTP (unshielded twisted pair) cable. This provides a convenient way to remotely access a computer located in a secure or not easily accessible environment.

The KVM Extender is designed to enable one computer to be controlled by one or two users. A single console can control two computers locally and remotely. This is the ideal solution for factories, construction sites etc, where computers in protected environments need to be accessed.
With a variety of models to choose from, you can economically increase flexibility and meet your needs for PS/2 or PS/2 + USB systems. No software or dip switches are required, just plug and play. With one push button, two LED indicators and simple hotkey commands, you can manage this device with ease.

  • Connects the Computer Unit and Station Unit via Category 5 UTP cable
  • Remotely locates the keyboard, mouse and monitor up to 150m from a computer
  • Supports PS/2 console
  • Supports both PS/2 and USB PC or Server
  • Video compensation can be adjusted by hotkey to ensure the optimum signal quality
  • Synchronizes the video resolution between the attached computers via hotkeys
  • Easy to get and install the standard cable at lower cost
  • Simple indication makes operation user-friendly
  • Locates the computer away from your desk and work area, saving you valuable space
  • Allows two users to share one or two computers in both local and remote areas (EKU-222 / EKU-221)
  • Applicable for one console to manage two computers locally and remotely (EKU-212)
  • Beeps confirmation for key control makes the operation easier and cross-checked
  • Compatible with XGA, VGA, and SVGA system.
  • The models with cable are available
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