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KVM Extender


Product Description

The KVM Extender consists of a Computer Unit and a Station Unit that enables you to locate a keyboard/monitor/mouse setup up to 150 meters away from a computer or KVM switch using an inexpensive Category 5 UTP (unshielded twisted pair) cable. This provides a convenient way to remotely access a computer located in a secure or not easily accessible environment.

The KVM Extender is designed to enable one computer to be controlled by one or two users. A single console can control two computers locally and remotely. This is the ideal solution for factories, construction sites etc, where computers in protected environments need to be accessed.
With a variety of models to choose from, you can economically increase flexibility and meet your needs for USB-Ready and PS/2 systems. No software or dip switches are required, just plug and play. With one push button, two LED indicators and simple hotkey commands, you can manage this device with ease.

  • Supports USB keyboard and USB mouse
  • Connects the Computer Unit and Station Unit via Category 5 UTP cable
  • Remotely locates the keyboard, mouse and monitor up to 150m from a computer
  • Supports USB console
  • Supports both PS/2 and USB PC or Server
  • Video compensation can be adjusted by hotkey to ensure the optimum signal quality
  • Synchronizes the video resolution between the attached computers via hotkeys
  • Easy to get and install the standard cable at lower cost
  • Simple indication makes operation user-friendly
  • Locates the computer away from your desk and work area, saving you valuable space
  • Allows two users to share a single computer in both local and remote areas (EUC-222 / EUC-221)
  • Applicable for one console to manage two computers locally and remotely (EUC-212)
  • Beeps confirmation for key control makes the operation easier and cross-checked
  • Supports most of mice such as M/S  IntelliMouse (Pro), Explorer, Optical, etc
  • Compatible with XGA, VGA, and SVGA system
  • The models with cable are available
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