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Product Description

The 17.3” LCD Console Drawer, the most innovative product in the world-wide market, is a 19” 1U drawer designed for applications where space is a premium, or CRT displays are undesirable. And it supports resolution up to Full HD -- 1920 x 1080.The drawer can be pulled out for operation from the rack and latched in the extended position. When not in use, the display can be folded down, locked and secured while pushed in. Also, it supports replaceable keyboard and touch pad for more flexible uses.
With different Rear bracket and extension kit, the Console can be mounted on rack cabinet of various depths.

  • Modularized KVM switch design.
  • Flip-open LCD panel supports resolution of Full HD 1920 x 1080.
  • For managing computers with PS/2, USB, Mac or Sun interface.
  • For rack cabinet with depth from 20"  (50cm) and up (with appropriate Rear  bracket & extension kit).
  • Standard 19" 1U rack drawer.
  • Locking mechanism locks the drawer  when pulled out, pushed in, or folded  down.               
  • Full 105 key, low-profile, sturdy keyboard included.
  • Special slip-free handle design.
  • A universal C-36 connector for connection between console drawer and KVM switch function module.
  • User-replaceable keyboard with various languages support.
  • User-replaceable touch pad for easy replacement.
  • Touch pad with simulated wheel control.
  • Supports Sun keyboard mapping and Mac keyboard mapping.
  • Ultra sturdy, tilt-free, two-piece Rear Bracket and Extension design.
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