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Cable Tester


Product Description

The tester including tracer, toner and cable tester with  

remote terminator. BNC to F female test cable.  

BNC terminal resistance. 9V block battery. Belt clip.  

Screw. Nylon bag. User's manual. 

TCT-700 is a multi-functions tester for RJ-45 LAN cable, BNC/F coaxial cable, tone generator, talk battery,continuity.


  • It is the useful tool set for electrical appliance contractors in the VDV (Voice/data/video) market, professionals in telecommunication, network and digital communication,VDV (Voice/Data/Video) detection and failure diagnosis, etc.
  • The plastic sensing tip is used to avoid accidental short-circuits,wherein it is provided with volume adjusting knob, audio frequency signal strength indicator and ear plug for applications in different environment, and it has many different interfaces -  RJ-45 jack and test pin, and is attached with power shortage indicator and is hand-free to carry for on-site use.

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