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Product Description

LCS-9485 is a compact, rugged. industrial-grade and port-powered RS-485 / RS-422 repeater/ converter, which can be used to extend the RS-485 or RS-422 distance to up to 4000ft (1,2km). LCS-9485 can be used to convert a two-wire RS-485 signal into a four-wire RS-422 signal, and vice versa, With +/-15kV ESD protection, the LCS-9485 is ideal for long distace differential signal transmission.

  • Port-powered, no external power required
  • Convert RS232 to 4-wire RS485 or RS422 and vice versa
  • Support multi-drop RS4222 networks
  • 300 to 115.2K Baud rate operation (auto-sensing & self-adjusting)
  • Extends RS485/RS422's distance up to 4000ft (1.2km)
  • Support point-to-point multidrop configuration and full or half duplex operation
  • Plug and play (hot pluggable, data format auto-sensing and salf-adjusting)
  • No software drivers or flow control is required
  • ALL-IN-ONE rugged terminal block designed for different requirements
  • 15kV static protection and circuit protection

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