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Product Description

The LCD pull-out control module integrates a 19-inch LCD monitor, keyboard, and mouse in a 1U rack system.

  • Pull-out KVM console with integrated 19” LCD screen.
  • Pull-out rack mounting design, can be installed in a standard 19-inch rack, and provide rack mounting accessories
  • 19-inch LCD screen, up to 1280*1024@75Hz resolution.
  • LCD contrast 800:1, vertical viewing angle 170 degrees, horizontal viewing angle 176 degrees, Brightness 300cd/m2.
  • Integrated keyboard keys 104 keys, printing contains English, Cangjie, Dayi and phonetic symbols, suitable Used domestically.
  • The LCD computer has dual PS2 and USB interfaces and is suitable for different interface hosts.
  • The machine supports one person on the shelf and is easy to install and operate.
  • Built-in keyboard and mouse simulation capabilities.
  • Built-in power supply (including power cord), suitable for various environmental voltages (AC 100~240V/ 50~60HZ).
  • The machine supports hot-swappable, no need to switch power supply to the host.
  • Compatible with various brand computer switches.
  • The operating system can support: DOS, MS WINDOWS, UNIX, LINUX, Netware, SUN, MAC OS, Vista
  • DDC analog function of LCD screen - automatically adjust the VGA settings of the connected computer to ensure the input Out of quality.
  • CE, FCC international certification.
Function/Model KU-1901
Connection Screen 1xHDB15 Female (Blue)
Key board 1xMini Din 6 Female head (Purple)
Mouse 1xMini Din 6 Female (Green)
Power Connector 1x AC Inlet
LED Indicator Power Power Supply 1x (Blue)
Num Lock 1x (Green)
Caps Lock 1x (Green)
Scroll Lock 1x (Green)
Signal Simulation-Keyboard/Mouse PS2 / USB
Input Rating 100~240VAC ; 50~60Hz
Image Resolution 1280x1024 @75Hz
Body Property Shell Material Metal
Weight 17,3 Kg
Demantion 580x450x42.5mm


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