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Product Description

The LCD pull-out control module integrates a 19-inch LCD screen, keyboard, mouse and 16-inch computer switcher in a 1U rack system.

  • A set of 19" LCD screens, keyboards, and mouse control 16 computers, integrated into a 4-in-1 KVM switch.
  • External plug-in module (optional) can be used to remotely operate the switch through INTERNET to achieve remote control of computer and unmanned room design. Pull-out rack-mount design allows installation in standard 19-inch racks and rack-mounting accessories.
  • The integrated keyboard has 104 built-in keys.
  • The printing includes English, Cangjie, Dayi and Zhuyin symbols and is suitable for domestic use. Including independent serial ports, it can serially connect eight layers through daisy-chain connection, and it can be expanded to 128 host computers.
  • The OSD screen can be automatically integrated.
  • The computer host can be switched via the panel button/hotkey (HOTKEY)/OSD screen menu.
  • KVM supports cross-platform and dual-interface functions.
  • The PS/2 and USB host (SUN and MAC) can be used concurrently, with 1.8 meters of host-side connection cables.
  • Built-in power supply (including power cord) for a variety of environmental voltages (AC 100~240V/50~60HZ).
  • Double password setting mode, a group of administrators and eight groups of user accounts provide a more secure protection mechanism for the server.
  • Provide keyboard hot key (HotKey) and screen menu (OSD) to choose to switch, and with LED lights to show host connection status.
  • OSD supports the eight-nation language system. Digital O.S.D function, easy to operate the computer, and has the following functions: Set the password function / naming the host name.
  • Provide password access to prevent unauthorized access.
  • The screen resolution supports up to 1280*1024@75Hz; the switch supports the highest resolution of 1920*1440@75Hz. Built-in 19-inch TFT-LCD, supporting DDC and DDC2B. LCD contrast 700:1, vertical viewing angle of 160 degrees, horizontal viewing angle of 160 degrees, brightness of 300cd/m2.
  • The operating system can support: Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Vista, Dos, Linux, FreeBSD, MAC, SUN and so on. With automatic scanning function, can automatically switch between computers, convenient monitoring and can set the scan time.
  • Support hot swap function. With CE, FCC international certification.

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